Do you feel like your central air conditioner has seen better days? It might be time for you to call a professional for repair services. You shouldn’t wait to do this either. Our technicians see a lot of air conditioner breakdowns because homeowners waited until the last minute to call a professional. If you notice that your air conditioner is having some real trouble performing and continue to run it anyway, you’re only putting yourself at a higher risk of system failure.

We understand why so many homeowners would rather muddle through their AC troubles than call a professional—they want to avoid a high service charge for a repair service! It’s a reasonable concern but it’s also one that you won’t have to worry about when you call our team. We provide quality service at affordable prices.

Call Us When…

#1. Your System Leaks

A leak anywhere in your air conditioning system is a big problem. The most common place that you’ll see a leak happen is around your outdoor unit. When this occurs, it’s more than likely that you’re experiencing a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks are a big problem because they mean that your system is failing in a major way but it’s also an issue because freon is poisonous. If you notice this in your home it’s important to call a professional immediately.

Leaks from your system aren’t always refrigerant. Sometimes a liquid you see leaking from your system could be water. Water is a big problem too because it means that your drain pan or tubing is compromised. Call a professional no matter what you think the leak is.

#2. You Feel like Your Airflow is Too Low

Do you ever turn on your AC, let it run for a while, and eventually have to check if it’s on because you can’t feel it? If your air conditioner incurs damage over time it can restrict the amount of airflow in your home. It could be a sign of a failing compressor, clogged passageways, or blocked vents. Call a professional today to pinpoint the problem.

#3. The Reading on Your Thermostat is Inaccurate

We see a lot of homeowners ignore this warning sign because they second guess themselves—you know your home! Just a few degrees of difference can change how you feel in your home. If you think your thermostat is off it’s worth calling a professional team to have them confirm your suspicions.

#4. Your System Blows Warm Air

Blowing warm air is the job of your heater. If you notice that the air blowing through your vents is only lukewarm on a good day instead of being ice cold then call our team.

#5. Your Home Feels Like a Swamp

“Humidity” is one of those words that can make you recoil upon hearing it here in Texas. We struggle with muggy conditions almost year-round in this part of the country. If you notice that your humidity levels indoors rival those of the outdoors then it’s time to call a professional to work on your home.

Warm weather is here, and it’s only bound to get hotter the closer we get to summer. If your central air conditioner is acting up, you can call our team for San Antonio air conditioning repair. Contact our professionals today to schedule an appointment.

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