In the distant future, our smart thermostats may get upgraded with smart HVAC units that go so far as to alert you of broken or damaged parts. Until then, it’s up to us as homeowners to pay attention to signs that our HVAC systems need repairs or maintenance. The best way to do that is by simply listening.

When you pay attention to unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner, you can stay ahead of San Antonio AC repair needs. Before you give us a call, read on to learn what sounds indicate that something is wrong. While it’s normal for your air conditioner to make some quiet, steady sounds, the five below mean that you need to call us right away for a repair.

Unusual Sound #1 – Clanging

Clanging can be loud and difficult to ignore. It may sound like a large part is loose – and probably because it is! Clanging is most often a loose fan belt or air handler that is causing problems. These problems are more common in older units than in newer ones.

Unusual Sound #2 – Rattling

Rattling is a lot like clanging, but it may not be as loud. Instead of a larger part being loose, it’s a smaller part. The sound may also be described as tapping. Even a small part can lead to expensive repairs to your unit. Plus, wherever the part is loose from won’t be working as efficiently as it could, and that could cost you money on your monthly energy bill.

Unusual Sound #3 – Grinding

This is a dangerous sound that can mean your unit has motor problems. Grinding can happen as a result of too much dust or a lack of lubrication. Both of these are common problems to experience as your unit ages. But regular maintenance can prevent grinding before it ever starts, so consider adding ‘schedule annual AC maintenance’ to your to-do list.

Unusual Sound #4 – Bubbling

Bubbling is one of the more dangerous sounds to hear because it’s a sign that you leak your refrigerant line. More specifically, you leak the part of the line where the refrigerant is in its liquid form. You’ll hear hissing if it’s in its gas form in another part of the line. Either way, a lack of refrigerant means a lack of cooling. And since the refrigerant is a chemical, it can pose additional dangers as it leaks out.

Unusual Sound #5 – Clicking

When your AC unit short cycles, it will click on and off over and over again as it tries to cool your home. You should only hear clicking when your AC first turns on for a cooling cycle, and that cycle should last at least 15 minutes. It will click again as the compressor powers down to end the cooling cycle. Persistent clicking means that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently to cool your home.

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