Summer may still be a few months off, but warmer weather is already here. Have you scheduled an air conditioning maintenance appointment in the last year? If not, you should schedule one now. There are numerous benefits to scheduling AC maintenance before summer starts. First off, it’s essential to avoid major problems with your system in the future. The last thing you want to do is turn on your AC for the first time this summer to discover it’s not working properly. Keep reading for more on the advantages of early preventive maintenance.

Full Inspection

An HVAC technician will fully inspect your AC equipment, checking for damaged or worn parts. At this time they’ll notify you of any repair or replacement needs. Taking care of these needs now reduces the chance that you’ll need an emergency AC repair later. Maintenance can be scheduled any time of the year, but for this reason, you’ll likely find it most beneficial to schedule it before you need your air conditioner.

Improved Efficiency and Lifespan

During maintenance, your HVAC technician will clean cooling coils, fan blades, and various other components of your AC. This will help cool your indoor air more efficiently and prevent your system from working too hard. Additionally, this regular upkeep will help your system run well over its entire lifespan. Yearly maintenance appointments ensure a functioning system for years to come.

Better Air Quality

In addition to improving the efficiency of your system, cleaning the inside components of your AC improves airflow. Particles such as dirt, dust, and other debris accumulate in your system, decreasing airflow and allowing particles to get released throughout your home. Regular maintenance, however, can help to improve the air quality.

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