Dealing with the realization that your cooling system may not make it through the summer isn’t a pleasant thought. However, knowing the signs that it is time for AC repair in Bulverde, TX, will help you act fast and avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Unsure what the signs of a problem with your AC are? If so, keep reading. Here you can learn about some of the most common signs that mean trouble for your cooling system.

  1. Having to Repair the Same Issues Again and Again

    Do you have to call for repairs for the same issue with your system repeatedly? If so, you are wasting your money. There is even a chance that what you have paid in repairs would have covered the cost of a new unit.

    Now’s a good time to save stress and money and get in touch with the professionals about replacing your unit. This will help prevent the same issue from occurring again and help you save money over time.

  2. The Unit Is Only Producing Hot Air

    Air conditioners are supposed to produce cool air. It should only take a few seconds to start feeling coolness from your vents. Sometimes, in the best situations, all you will need is some refrigerant added to the unit. However, the entire unit may have to be replaced in the worst situation. A professional can help you determine what the right option is.

  3. There Is Water Leaking from Your AC

    If water is leaking from your AC, it can result in expensive home repairs. You should do something right away if you believe your air conditioner is leaking water. This is a clear sign there’s something wrong with the system.

  4. Your Unit Makes Strange Sounds

    While some sounds that an AC produces don’t indicate any serious issue, it’s a more serious problem in other cases. For example, the issue may sometimes be an affordable and easy-to-fix bearing or fan belt. However, in other cases, it may be the compressor or another expensive problem. Sometimes, if the noise is caused by a more expensive component, your best bet will likely be to replace the unit completely.

  5. Strange Odors Are Coming from Your Unit

    You should never smell anything coming from your unit. If you notice a musty smell, then it may be mold in the system. An electrical smell may be an indication of a serious issue too. These are things you don’t want to ignore.

Don’t Wait to Seek AC Repair or Replacement

If you wait to deal with an issue with your air conditioner, it will only result in more serious and expensive issues down the road. If you notice any of the problems here, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the professionals. They can evaluate your unit and help you figure out what the best course of action is.

Our professionals are ready to take care of you when you reach out. Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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