There are certain sounds that you just don’t want to hear when it comes from your air conditioner. We’re here to list them out for you today. As you probably know, your air conditioner does make a couple of sounds here and there, but it should be something that grabs your attention and takes you away from watching TV, listening to music, or just relaxing in your home. If you notice some weird AC sounds, you’re going to need AC repair in San Antonio, TX. Call us for what you need.

Sounds to Listen Out For

There is a host of air conditioning sounds that you should never hear. Here are a few you should watch out for this summer:

  1. Banging

    Your air conditioner really shouldn’t be loud as it is, but it definitely shouldn’t bang. If you notice a banging noise, that means that it’s time for you to take a closer look at your air conditioner. Banging sounds indicate a problem with your compressor.

  2. Clanking

    Yes, banging and clanking are two different sounds. When we hear people use the word “clanking” they’re typically describing a sound that’s a little tinnier. This sound denotes an issue with a part moving around in your system.

  3. Hissing

    When you turn on your air conditioner, could you close your eyes and mistake the sounds you hear for something that would appear on National Geographic? Your air conditioner shouldn’t make ostensible sounds and it definitely shouldn’t hiss. If you’re hearing this, then you potentially have an air leak.

  4. Squealing

    Squealing is typically a sign that there’s high pressure built up in your system that’s trying to escape. You don’t want to hear this. This sound can become dangerous if you let it go unaddressed.

  5. Buzzing

    Is there an electric buzzing sound coming from your AC? This is a sign that your AC might be having a larger-scale electrical issue. We can get to the bottom of it for you.

  6. Rattling

    Rattling, like banging, can indicate that a part is loose. Rattling often indicates that the part is typically a screw or a fan blade though. Let us get to the bottom of it.

  7. Clicking

    Your air conditioner will probably make a soft clicking noise right when it turns on, but anything more than this is an issue. Incessant clicking is a sign that you’re having trouble with your air conditioning functionality at its core.

  8. Humming

    Have you noticed that your air conditioner hums whenever it runs? This noise is normal in moderation, but loud and persistent humming is a sign that you either have loose parts or refrigerant problems.

  9. Whistling

    If your AC whistles while it works then you might be dealing with a refrigerant leak.

  10. Gurgling

    Does your air conditioner sound like it’s being told to gargle after a cleaning at the dentist? This is a bad sign. Gurgling is a sign that you might be dealing with an internal leak in your air conditioning system. Make sure that you address this issue ASAP. It’s a problem that can get out of hand fast.

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