Air conditioning replacement in San Antonio gives you a great opportunity to install upgrades that can help with energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and humidity. Why add upgrades? Upgrades can enhance the features of your new air conditioning system while also adding longevity to it. Your technician can easily complete any upgrade installation as your new AC is being installed. Here are a few upgrades to consider adding to your new AC:

  • Dehumidifier – heat, and humidity are the two main ingredients of San Antonio summers. Excess humidity and long periods of humidity make your air conditioner work harder to achieve the cooling you want; this is because humidity holds heat. Adding a whole-home dehumidifier to your system helps remove the excess moisture in your indoor air before it can get into your system, reducing the workload on your AC while improving the comfort of your air.
  • Air purifier – if you’ve had concerns over the indoor air quality in your home, you may want to consider the installation of a whole-home air purifier. There are several types from which to choose, so it’s important to work with a trained professional to ensure installing one that fits your needs. Air purifiers can help tremendously with the removal of allergens from your indoor air, and, depending on the type of purifier, can also remove biological contaminants.

A new air conditioning replacement in San Antonio can offer you the chance to upgrade certain aspects of your AC system.

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